$54.99 USD

Drum roll please…. Here’s the next BIG THING in you need in your life it’s  going to change everything!  This is a OMG BODY MAKE UP LOTION. This is going to give you a instant tan in seconds. It dries fast, and doesn’t rub off easily. You’ll be glowing all day. Wear it to your next pool party, or simple night out. It helps the appearance of cellulite, bruises, marks, stretch marks, and acne on your body, and simply make you 3 shades darker. Trust me you need this in your life, this is a game changer. 


Ingredients- Water, Paraffinum,liquidam, petrolatum, dimethicone, stearic acid, stearyl, alcohol, phenenoxyethanol, hydroxyethanol, hydroxycitronellal, D-limonene, benzyl, salicylate,acryloydimethytaurate, zinc, gluconate.

No expiration

Recommend to wear while wearing dark color clothing, it can stain light colored clothing. But your good to go wearing black or dark colors. It also easily remove from your hands and clothing.  


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